Everyone Should Attend A WordCamp And Here’s Why

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When it comes to WordPress, few events can have as much as an impact as a WordCamp. If you are unfamiliar with WordCamps, they are conferences built around WordPress. WordCamps are usually casual and are completely community created. All the organizers, speakers, and staff are volunteers. You usually have a great mixture of users ranging from a complete beginner to developers to business owners.

WordCamps usually have 2 or 3 tracks which means there are 2 or 3 talks happening at the same time. Most of them are over the weekend though some also have a Friday event as well. So, this usually adds up to 20 to 40 different talks that you can choose form to attend over the weekend. So, why should you go to them? I have 3 reasons why everyone that uses WordPress should attend WordCamps.

WordCamps Are Affordable

The entire staff of a WordCamps are volunteers. WordCamps are meant to be low cost and affordable to everyone. Since they do not pay any speakers or staff and they also have a variety of sponsors, most WordCamps cost less then $40 for the weekend. This tickets cost usually includes the admission to all the talks over the weekend, lunch, and some swag items such as a t-shirt and stickers. Sometimes, this ticket will also include admission into an after party with free food and drinks. Other times, the ticket may include a breakfast one day. At such an affordable price and such great content, they are accessible to everyone.

They Are Packed With Information

I had already mentioned there are quite a few talks happening during the course of the WordCamp. Some of the larger WordCamps could have over 50 possible talks, panels, and workshops for you to choose from. These topics can range from begginer topics such as learning how to organize your site’s content all the way to developer topics such as plugin development. Some recent talks that I have attended include:

  • Choose the Right Theme
  • So You Want to Build a Plugin
  • Building a Community of Loyal Buyers and Raving Fans
  • Advanced Development Workflows
  • SEO for Business Owners: Understanding the complex world of Google search results
  • Zen and the Art of WordPress Maintenance
  • How to Build a WordPress Membership Site

As you can see, there are all types of talks. Anyone can find talks that are beneficial to their journey with WordPress.

Amazing Networking Opportunities

One of the reasons that I love WordCamps so much is the networking. Most WordCamps have a few hundred people attend. Some are even larger with over 500 attendees. With these numbers, you can almost always find users who are in similar situations as you. The WordPress community is always so friendly and open that you can always start conversations with a variety of people. I always make many new friends and many more connections at every WordCamp that I attend.

So, now that you know some more about WordCamps and the reasons why I feel that everyone should attend one, you may be wondering how to find them. Luckily, WordPress has a site that lists all upcoming, past, and planned WordCamps across the world. There are usually always a WordCamp near you. I have 3 within reasonable distance from where I live. To find a WordCamp near you, check out the WordCamp Central page.

Have you attended a WordCamp before? Please leave a comment about your most memorable experience below!