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Current Projects

Logo for WP Health. Blue heart with heartbeat laid over top.

WP Health

Easily monitor your WordPress sites to ensure they stay up, healthy, and secure.

Logo for Find The Words

Find The Words

Android game in the Amazon Appstore. Have a few minutes to spend? Jump into a quick 2-minute game to find as many words as you can.

Logo for Vanguard

Vanguard Vehicle Inspection Services

Vehicle inspection agency focusing on providing well written and accurate reports.


Have your vehicle inspected to protect your investment. We have a team of hundreds of professional inspectors around the country waiting for you!

Salon des Refuses Coworking

A coworking place that I cofounded in Gainesville, FL. Need a place to work out of in the area? Come check us out!

Sold Projects

Logo of Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master

When I sold this WordPress plugin, it was being used on 20,000 websites to power over 60,000 quizzes and surveys.

Retired Projects

UTM Buddy

UTM Buddy was a SAAS tool that allowed marketers to keep track of the UTM parameters they used. I had designed it for my own use and was unable to find people who had similar needs who were willing to pay money for it.