My List of Recommended Business Books

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Something I love doing in my spare time is reading. I read 2 or 3 books every month from a variety of categories including fiction, improvement, management, sales, and more. From time to time, I get asked what books I would recommend to those who are starting out or in search of a new book.

This list is created for that purpose and will change over time as I read through new books and have new books recommended to me. Of course, since most of my posts are about business, this list will focus mostly on business, marketing, and similar books.

However, if you’re in search of a new fiction series, I highly recommend Sherlock Holmes!

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business is the ideal book if you need help creating vision for your business as well as building processes to scale your business. I read some of the chapters in this book 3 or 4 times and took pages of notes. I have used many of the things I learned in this book in each of my ventures.

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth is my go-to book when it comes to looking for what marketing channels to use for my businesses. This book features the “Bullseye” framework which will help you decide between 19 different marketing channels including social ads, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate programs, and more. It includes a variety of ways that you can test each of these channels to see if they are a good fit for you.

The ONE Thing

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results is one of my favorite books. I have reread this book more than most. The book helps you focus in on what is your one thing that you should be doing and helping cut out everything else.

Be sure to check back as I will be continuously changing this list as I discover different books!

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