I speak on a variety of marketing related topics in a variety of settings from my small meetups to large conferences. Here are some of the topics I speak on:

  • Google Analytics
  • User Research
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Speeding Up WordPress

Previous Speaking Events

WordCamp Boston 2019: How does the Web Work?

At WordCamp Boston, I gave a presentation on how the web works. When managing your website, there are lots of components and systems working together to keep your site working.

Understanding how all these work together allows you to make changes to improve your site as well as better communicate with the developers that you may get support from.

In this talk, I discussed:

  • What exactly is the internet?
  • How do servers and hosting work?
  • How do domains work?
  • How do browsers work?
  • How does the page cycle work?
  • What do all the acronyms you encounter (such as FTP, DNS, JS, and more) mean?
  • How does all this make your WordPress site work?

WordCamp Atlanta 2019: Getting Started with Google Analytics

At WordCamp Atlanta, I gave a presentation on getting started with Google Analytics that goes over the basic terms and concepts within Google Analytics.

In this talk, I discuss:

  • How to see where your users are coming from
  • What pages/posts your users most spend time on
  • What actions your users do on your website
  • What UTM codes are and how to use them
  • How to see exactly which links in your marketing drive the most traffic and conversions
  • And much more!

WordCamp Boston 2018: Speeding up WordPress

At WordCamp Boston, I gave a presentation on how to make a WordPress site load faster which has many benefits including an increase in conversions and an increase in page ranking in search engines.

WordCamp Birmingham 2018: Using Surveys To Better Understand Your Users

At WordCamp Birmingham, I gave a presentation about creating and using surveys to conduct user research. I discuss:

  • Using surveys to segment your audience
  • Creating survey questions without question bias
  • User research surveys
  • Post-sale surveys
  • Experience surveys
  • When to survey your audience and users
  • and more