I speak on a variety of marketing related topics in a variety of settings from my small meetups to large conferences. Here are some of the topics I speak on:

  • Google Analytics
  • User Research
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Speeding Up WordPress

Previous Speaking Events

WordCamp Atlanta 2019

At WordCamp Atlanta, I gave a presentation on getting started with Google Analytics that goes over the basic terms and concepts within Google Analytics.

In this talk, I discuss:

  • How to see where your users are coming from
  • What pages/posts your users most spend time on
  • What actions your users do on your website
  • What UTM codes are and how to use them
  • How to see exactly which links in your marketing drives the most traffic and conversions
  • And much more!

WordCamp Boston 2018

At WordCamp Boston, I gave a presentation on how to make a WordPress site load faster which has many benefits including an increase in conversions and an increase in page ranking in search engines.

WordCamp Birmingham 2018

At WordCamp Birmingham, I gave a presentation about creating and using surveys to conduct user research. I discuss:

  • Using surveys to segment your audience
  • Creating survey questions without question bias
  • User research surveys
  • Post-sale surveys
  • Experience surveys
  • When to survey your audience and users
  • and more

Interested in development? I now have a dev blog for all my python, git, etc… articles!