Quickly Gain More Subscribers With These Lead Magnets

With many online businesses, growing your email list is one of the best ways to grow your community, loyalty, and revenue. But, how do you get your site visitors to want to join your mailing list? Email addresses are very important to people and they do not want to just give out their email address to anyone.

That is where lead magnets come in. Lead magnets are a free item that the user can get in exchange for joining your email list. There are many type of lead magnets out there and some are more effective than others. How do you know which ones you should try and how to get started? This is what I am going to answer today.

Choosing a Lead Magnet

If you look at the following list of lead magnets, you will see several different ones that you might be interested in trying with your audience. But, how do you know which one will work best? The key to creating a lead magnet is that it is relevant to your audience and also your content.

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For example, if you are a florist, recipes may be not as beneficial to your audience as a guide or checklist. However, if you have a post about choosing flowers for Valentine’s day, then a pdf of great Valentine’s dinner recipes may be beneficial to viewers of that post. So, look over the lead magnets and find some that are relevant to different parts of your website. Start with one that benefits your target user. Then, you can create others for particular parts of your website.

9 Lead Magnet Ideas


This is my least favorite lead magnet as it tends to be the least effective. However, it is the easiest and quickest to set up. In this lead magnet, a user gets a coupon for their next purchase when signing up for your mailing list. The issue is that this offer is usually seen before the user decides to purchase. For example, if you are using a popup on your site, the user will probably click out of the popup before deciding to purchase. Once they decide to purchase, they have to either try to track down a form again or just not use the coupon. The other concern is that if the user hasn’t decided to purchase by the time he or she leaves your site, offering a coupon will not want to make them want to join your mailing list as the user does not intend to buy.


This is one of my favorite lead magnets. Offering a checklist for the user to follow that relates to your business or content is a great benefit for the user and tends to convert well. An example would be a checklist for the user to follow to improve their site’s SEO. This is great to go along with a post that follows a step by step process. For example, if you create a post about what the most important items are for a chef, you could create a checklist that the user can print out to go to the store with or check off as they purchase the items. An example of this is my pre-launch landing page article which had a free pdf checklist users could download to use when building their launch pages.


Similar to the checklist, you can create a pdf guide for your users to download. An example would be a guide for taking care of the flowers. Another example would be a guide for setting up an email marketing campaign.

Free Tool

Consider building a free tool that is useful to your target user. A great example of this is HubSpot’s Marketing Grader which grades how well your site is set up for marketing and SEO. This tool collects your email address in order to use the tool which allows HubSpot to communicate with potential users.

Email Course

This is one of my favorite lead magnets. In this lead magnet, you have to create several lessons on a particular topic that your target user will find beneficial or want to learn more about. For example, my WordPress agency (My Local Webstop) offers a free 6 day email course on WordPress security. Once users sign up, they receive a lesson a day for the next several days. This is great because it positions you as an authority on that particular subject. Even better, is that you can re-purpose old content such as blog posts for these lessons or re-purpose these lessons for future content.

Quizzes or Surveys

A great way to gain subscribers is utilizing quizzes and surveys. You can have users take your quiz and provide them the results after the enter in their email address. For example, one of my previous clients runs a paleo diet site and offers a free carbohydrate intolerance quiz to help users discover if they have carbohydrate intolerance. The user can enter in their email address to receive their results. If you use WordPress, you can quickly and easily set this up using a tool such as Quiz And Survey Master.

Resource List

Something that can benefit new users in your industry is a resource list. This compiles all of your most used tools and resources so they can easily discover great tools to use for themselves. For example, my Blogging Toolkit is a list of the tools and services I use to improve my blog.


If you run a site that your users may benefit from recipes, these are a great and easy lead magnet to create. Simply create a pdf that includes the ingredient, instructions, and maybe an image and you are good to go. However, you can apply this same thought to other industries as well. Maybe knitting patterns, paint-by-numbers kits, or even some woodworking how-to’s could also fall in this category.


If you are comfortable with hosting a webinar, having users register to attend is a great way to gain subscribers. An average webinar is 30 to 40 people. So, running a couple of webinars a month can quickly grow your mailing list.

Now that you have some ideas, go create some lead magnets to grow your mailing list! Be sure to check out some of my lead magnets such as the Blogging Toolkit or the Pre-Launch Landing Page Checklist for ideas.