What Podcasts Am I Listening To?

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I get asked about business resources for learning about launches, marketing, and more quite frequently. I do not usually have the time to read through articles or news so I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. I am currently subscribed to 40 different podcasts that I listen to regularly. These podcast topics range from launching a product to news to general business. So, here is my top podcasts that I recommend everyone to take a look at.

Startups For The Rest Of Us Podcast

Startups for the rest of us is a great business podcast that discusses many of the challenges of launching a software product. It is hosted by Mike Taber (MicroConf) and Rob Walling (Drip and Hittail) and has featured any great topics including:

Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is another business podcast but this one differs because it interviews a different entrepreneur every episode and focuses on their journey. What makes this podcast interesting is that John Lee Dumas releases a new episode every day and has created over 1,000 episodes. There is sure to be many episodes in there that help you with your unique business.

Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a podcast that focuses more on businesses that can be built to create passive income. He features many guests that help improve your business. Topics range from how to write copy that converts to featuring listener stories to hear how his audience has succeeded.

The Rocketship Podcast

The Rocketship Podcast is a newer podcast that focuses on interviewing entrepreneurs about funding and growing your business as well as sales and the life of a startup. Guests range from Brian Balfour from HubSpot to Neil Patel from Crazy Egg.

Zero To Scale

Zero to Scale is a podcast that walks the audience through the journey of Greg and Justin as they start their two different businesses and grow them. This gives the audience a unique look at the behind the scenes of business growth as they go over their successes and failures of each week.

Zen Founder

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the business aspect of a business that we do not think about the life part of owning a business. Zen Founder is a podcast that discusses the life and relationship aspect of running a business. Topics range from how to vacation as a founder to procrastination to depression.

Stuff You Should Know

When I am not listening to a variety of business podcasts, I like to listen to some news or interesting podcasts. Stuff You Should Know is a fascinating podcast that dedicates each episode to a random topic. These topics range from bats to droughts to hula-hoops to PEZ dispensers. These episodes are always filled with interesting facts and great humor.

There are many more podcasts that I can go over, but these 6 are ones that I never miss and feel that almost anyone can benefit. Have a favorite podcast that you listen to? I would love to hear about it so leave a comment down below!


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  • Heather

    I’m a big fan of Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcast. Also Business Boutique from Christy Wright for women entrepreneurs.

    • Frank

      I have actually never listened to Amy Porterfield’s podcast though I hear good things about it all the time. I’ll have to listen to one soon.


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