What Your Pre-Launch Landing Page Needs To Be Successful

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If you have been following my recent posts, you will have seen several posts I have been writing about launching a business. Now that you have a clear vision of your goals and have validated some of your business ideas, it’s time to set up a pre-launch landing page. Many businesses skip this step and start immediately creating their product and launching it only to find very low sales at the beginning. In this post, I will go over why you need a pre-launch landing page, what your landing page needs, and some solutions for creating it.

Why You Need A Pre-Launch Landing Page

Have you ever heard of a company or person launching a product and making thousands or tens of thousands the first day? They can do this because they have many interested potential customers on a list already waiting for their launch. When you launch your product, who are you going to let know that the product has launched? The goal of the pre-launch landing page is to get interested people to want to join your list.

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Then, after collecting many emails of people who are interested in your product, you can let everyone know when you launch your product. You want to send anyone who may have a problem that your solution is solving to the landing page so they can sign up to be notified when you release it. However, you won’t wait until then to talk to them. As you develop the product, or prepare its launch, you will be communicating with these people about your product. You will be keeping them engaged and excited about your product. So, when do you set your landing page up? The sooner the better! I advise you to set up your landing page directly after you validate your ideas.

What Do You Need On Your Landing Page

So, you may be wondering what to add to your landing page. First, start with an engaging call to action at the top. Since the goal is to get people on your list of interested people, you need to add a sign up form that will add users to your list. But, why would someone just give you their email address? You have to tell them about you and your product. Tell the user about the product’s story such as what problem it solves, who is it for, and why you decided to build it. For your story, you want to keep it short, simple, and honest. You then want to add an image or video to capture the user’s attention and to possibly add more information. You want to relate to people and show them how the product will benefit them. Lastly, remember to focus on the problems that the product is solving and not its features.

Next, you want to mention the benefit to signing up. If you are offering an early or VIP discount or early access, mention it. Now, once the user signs up, you want to provide ways for the user to share your page. Include sharing buttons to allow your visitor to share the page on social media and through email. Consider rewarding them for sharing such as moving up in the queue of early access or running a contest. Once the user signs up, be sure to send them an email thanking them for signing up and encouraging them to share your product’s landing page.

I created a landing page checklist for you to use as you create your landing page. You can find the checklist at the bottom of this post.

How To Create Your Landing Page

There are a number of products and services out there that will help you create your landing page with little or no programming knowledge. If you have a development team or already have a website, consider simply creating your own on your website. If not, here are a few services for you to consider:

  • Lead Pages - A premium landing page service that offers a variety of features including many built-in templates to choose from, social sharing features, and optimizing.
  • Instapage - Another great service that offers almost 100 templates, split-testing, and a 45 day free trial.
  • OptimizePress - A WordPress plugin that allows you to easily build and edit landing pages on your site.
  • Thrive Builder – Another WordPress plugin that will help you quickly set up landing pages on your WordPress site.

I created a landing page checklist for you to use as you create your landing page. You can get it delivered to your email by filling out the form below:

Now that you know why your product needs a landing page before you launch it, it’s time to get out there and create one!