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Frank Corso

Data Lover | Indie Software Founder | Full-Stack Developer

A little about me…

Hey there! My name is Frank Corso and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am a full-stack software developer, indie software founder, and data scientist. I am currently working on side projects, such as LiteSurveys. Previously, I was the Head of Engineering at Podchaser (acquired by Acast in 2022) and Founder of SiteAlert (acquired in 2021).

I am always looking for new things to learn which has led me to have acquired certifications in AWS, Scrum, and Terraform as well as completed the "Intro to Machine Learning" and "Deep Learning" nanodegrees from Udacity.

My Datasets

Occasionally, I create datasets as part of my random data projects or as part of exploration.

Contact Form Spam

2,000+ spam contact form submissions collected from across my sites.

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Primes and Semiprimes Of First 50 Million Numbers

All primes, happy primes, semiprimes, and discrete semiprimes in the first 50 million positive, natural numbers.

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My Projects

Current Projects

My Dev Blog

I write about software/data engineer and data science topics, such as using AWS Athena, creating data visualizations in Python, and advanced SQL.

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Tired of guessing what your users want? Struggling to get valuable feedback from your website visitors? Look no further than LiteSurveys, the simple, slide-in survey platform.

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Chronos Studio

In my spare time, I occasionally create small video games such as Looxi, a timed wordsearch game.

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Open-source Python package that validates Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records, which are used to identify email spam, to ensure they are formatted correctly.

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Validate SPF Tool

A free web tool that will analyze an entered SPF record and ensures it is valid using my open-source tool above.

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Previous Projects

Quiz And Survey Master Acquired

Quiz And Survey Master is a WordPress plugin for creating quizzes and surveys. It was used on over 20,000 websites when it was sold in 2019.

SiteAlert Acquired

A SAAS product that allowed WordPress admins to monitor the security and health of their website. It was used on over 10,000 websites when it was sold in 2021.

UTM Buddy Shut down

UTM Buddy was a SAAS tool that allowed marketers to keep track of the UTM parameters they used.

Salon des Refuses Coworking Shut down

A coworking place that I cofounded in Gainesville, FL. We were up to several dozen members when Covid-19 hit.

Public Speaking

I speak on a variety of marketing related topics in a variety of settings from my small meetups to large conferences.

How does the Web Work?

WordCamp Boston 2019

At WordCamp Boston, I gave a presentation on how the web works. When managing your website, there are lots of components and systems working together to keep your site working.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

WordCamp Atlanta 2019

At WordCamp Atlanta, I gave a presentation on getting started with Google Analytics that goes over the basic terms and concepts within Google Analytics.

Using Surveys To Better Understand Your Users

WordCamp Birmingham 2018

At WordCamp Birmingham, I gave a presentation about creating and using surveys to conduct user research.


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